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Welcome Gates

Welcome to Red Cloud Ranch! Upon arrival, you'll be greeted by our beautifully crafted front gates, featuring a striking cast iron design showcasing an arrow and cloud motif.

These gates are easily identifiable from the road, their rusted appearance complemented by the adjacent white pillars. Upon passing through the gates, you'll traverse an entry bridge constructed from an old train car, spanning the scenic Scholder Creek.

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Ranch House

The primary residence on our ranch is a charming blend of classic farmhouse architecture and contemporary style.

Anchored by a spacious great room and kitchen that's ideal for accommodating our large family, the 6,000 square foot home boasts a lavish master suite, four comfortable guest rooms, and a sizable media/play room.

Upstairs, a cozy bunk room awaits the younger members of our family, ensuring a fun-filled stay for all.

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Roundup Barn

With a focus on entertainment, we created a stunning 2400 square foot barn, designed to blend antique farm implements and a century-old horse cart with plush furnishings and elegant iron chandeliers.

The barn serves as an ideal location for events, both big and small. Its expansive doors on either end open up onto lovely patios, with ample space to set up a buffet for leading a lively line dance.

Whether you're hosting a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, the barn provides the perfect setting to make any event unforgettable.

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Cowboy Games

The Cowboy Games area features our famous Cowboy Croquet, played on a decomposed granite playing field with boulders for obstacles.

We also have a few other traditional games like horse shoes, bocce ball and pickle ball in the game area, and even serve food down there during events.

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Kamp Kickin' Poop

We take pride in being able to grow and raise our own food here on the ranch, especially when it comes to our favorite ingredient - eggs! Our Rhode Island Red hens at Kamp Kickin' Poop lay enough eggs to fulfill all of our omelet cravings.

The coop is constructed with sturdy materials and features mesh fencing, providing a safe and stylish roost for our feathered friends, protected from the many predators that roam our property.

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Last Resort

At Red Cloud Ranch, we offer a variety of refreshing ways to beat the heat, and our stunning heated infinity pool and spa is one of the most popular. With its sweeping views of the rolling hills that encircle our property, it's the perfect spot to unwind and take in the beauty of our surroundings.

The spacious patio area is adorned with comfortable lounge chairs and sturdy umbrellas, designed to withstand the occasional gusts of wind that sweep across the mesa. Whether you're hosting a big gathering or simply enjoying a quiet afternoon with family, Last Resort is always a top choice.

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Miners Village

Down on the south side of the Ranch House we dug a creek bed that flows with recycled water. Craig sprinkles gold painted nuggets in the creek when the grandkids come, and Prospector Bob and his mule oversee the little ones panning for “gold.”

The creek is surrounded by beautiful granite rock formations that still hold the ‘metates’ carved in the surface by the Kuma’ai Indian tribes. It’s a special feeling to watch our grandchildren cook imaginary feasts in those same indentations that were used to cook meals so long ago.

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Pettin' Paddock

Although originally designed as a paddock for our horses, our hillside enclosure has since been overtaken by some of our most endearing animal residents - Boer goats Billy Idol and Dolly Parton, along with the charismatic donkeys Rusty and Dot.

This charming space now serves as a beloved playground for our four-legged friends, providing them with ample room to roam and play.

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Horse Haven

Animals are a big part of our life here at red Cloud Ranch. Goats, sheep, horses, donkeys, chickens, and cattle all have their special spots.

We have stalls for the horses, Ranger, Vegas and Gracie, with a corral and riding arena attached. The fourth stall is currently housing our new ‘fainting’ goats, Bill and Ted, who are a little too small to be out in the big world.

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Ridin' Ring

At our ranch, horseback riding is a beloved pastime enjoyed by all. That's why we decided to construct a spacious and impressive riding ring, measuring 200 feet by 300 feet.

Adjacent to the ring, we've built a four-stall stable to accommodate our trusty steeds. Additionally, we've erected a run-in shelter to provide our adorable sheep and donkeys with shelter from the elements.

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Black-berrry Pond

At the heart of the ranch lies Blackberry Pond, a massive body of water containing approximately 4 million gallons.

This idyllic spot is a haven for a diverse range of aquatic life, including six distinct species of fish, as well as various waterfowl and other animals. We thoroughly enjoy exploring the pond's tranquil waters via canoe or paddle boat.

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Open Range

Open Range is a comprehensive gun range designed to cater to enthusiasts of rifles, handguns, and shotguns alike.

At the bottom of the range, a protective shade structure stands atop six sturdy pillars constructed from tree trunks harvested from the property. Each of these massive pillars weighs over 1,000 pounds, a testament to their robustness and durability.

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Frankie's Landing

Frankie's Landing is a stunning redwood deck that stretches out over Blackberry Pond.

Named in honor of our beloved original ranch dog, this picturesque location serves as an ideal space to fire up the grill, unwind, and watch the grandkids as they paddle their canoes around the serene waters of the lake.

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Scholder Creek

Scholder Creek begins as a network of channels cascading down the mountainside, eventually converging into a substantial creek that flows parallel to the southern boundary of the property alongside the road.

During heavy rainfall, the stream bed can become inundated with thousands of gallons of rushing water.


Our workshop is 2,400 square feet and equipment out-storage is 3,000 square feet. They both serve as the central location for all tools and  equipment.

The workshop is fully equipped with top-of-the-line woodworking tools. The spacious layout allows for ample storage space, keeping all tools and materials organized and within reach. From furniture construction to building Cowboy Croquet, our versatile workshop has been used for a wide range of woodworking projects. 

The equipment out-storage houses the heavy equipment which  includes a skiploader, large tractor, small tractor, excavator,  13,000 lbs. dump trailer and a 800 gallon water buffalo. There are also two 500 gallon fuel tanks on site.