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Red Cloud Ranch

Ranch Hat

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While a ten-gallon hat is good for keeping the sun off my face, it’s not ideal for working out on the ranch. I need a hat that will handle the sun, keep my head as cool as possible and still look great for years.

Keep Cool AND Protected

I don’t like admitting it, but folks our age must be even more careful about the sun than we may have been in our youth. We are more susceptible to developing skin cancer. Optimal sun protection is number one on my list of must-haves in a hat.

At the same time, you need your head to get some air. To provide sun protection while still keeping our heads cool, we use a sweat-wicking band and dye-cut fabric mesh to allow maximum ventilation. The result is a hat that gives me the protection I need while keeping enough air flowing to my cabesa. It works like a dream.

Machine Washable Mesh

A hat on the ranch is going to get drenched in sweat. Once the job is done, I don’t want my cap stained with salt rings and stinking like a locker. Having a hat with great utility isn’t worth much if you don’t want to wear it after a few uses.

I’ve always preferred trucker's caps for their mesh backs, but they have a few drawbacks. One of the big ones is that they don’t do well in washing machines.

The Ranch Hat is completely machine washable. After a good rinse-out, it is back to looking like new. In fact, not only is it machine washable, but in my experience, it is also shower washable. Take it in with you, scrub it with some soap, rinse it and dry it. You are good for another day of sweating out on the ranch!

Do Yourself a Favor

This hat is one of my favorite items I have had a chance to design. It has made my life easier, and I know it can make yours easier too!

Order one today!