Silver Goat soap

Introducing Silver Goat Soap, a men's moisturizing goat milk soap

This full-body bar is made with locally sourced goat milk from happy goats!

Goat milk soap provides superior hydration, promoting skin health and repairing damaged skin.

It does all this while being more gentle and less irritating than regular soap.

Silver Goat Soap comes in 3 rich, masculine scents:

Scrub Pine, Burly Birch and Wildlife!

Experience the unparalleled benefits of Silver Goat Soap.

It will keep all of you, including your Back 40, clean and smelling great.

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Retreats and Vacations

Escape to Red Cloud Ranch for your next vacation or retreat. Our picturesque property offers tranquility, adventure, and warm hospitality. Whether you're planning a family getaway or corporate retreat, immerse yourself in nature's embrace and create unforgettable memories at our idyllic haven.

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Parties and Events

Host your next unforgettable event at Red Cloud Ranch. Our stunning property provides the perfect backdrop for weddings, family reunions, and celebrations of all kinds. With a spacious party barn, outdoor gaming area, and breathtaking views, your special occasion will be truly magical.

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About Red Cloud Ranch

Welcome to Red Cloud Ranch, a hidden gem nestled in the rugged backcountry of east San Diego County. Our hundred-acre property boasts stunning natural beauty, from overflowing Blackberry Pond to vibrant oat hay fields, making every morning a breathtaking experience.

Red Cloud Ranch has become one of Southern California's most distinctive properties, known for its indescribable aura. Whether you're tying the knot in an intimate wedding, reuniting with family, or seeking an adventure-filled retreat, our ranch offers an extraordinary experience.

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About the Owners

Founded by owners Craig and Marilyn Faulkner, Red Cloud Ranch is a testament to determination and resilience. Despite facing a rare bone cancer diagnosis in 2015, Craig and Marilyn pursued their dream of creating a unique haven for family and friends.

A portion of all proceeds from the ranch go to the Multiple Mylemoa International and The American Cancer Foundation

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