Welcome to Red Cloud Ranch

I’m Craig Faulkner, an entrepreneur, father and grandfather. A few years ago, a cancer diagnosis made me stop and rethink my future. I decided to make a change, and that was the beginning of Red Cloud Ranch. I found inspiration at that difficult time from others who have faced similar challenges.

When I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma I did what most of us do and Googled it. Most of what I read was fairly discouraging, but I was interested to learn that Tom Brokaw, a journalist whom I have admired for many years, had been diagnosed with the same disease the year before, and had just published a book about his journey. Marilyn and I listened to that book together, and his proactive approach to his illness really inspired me to approach my illness as project. In fact, I documented the first year of my illness on a podcast with my son, Kirk and titled it, Cancer With Craig: Managing Your Illness as a Project.

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